Demonstrate that the stock market doesn't have to be scary.


Bring the market to the people with an interactive market in the heart of SXSW while gamifying concession stands.

We'll call it "SXSWE."

Make it Rain

Fake bills are thrown at festival entrances, can be redeemed at SXSWE for $1 in any new Robinhood accounts.

Real Replica

Bring the thrill of Wall St. to Austin

by building a scale replica right in

the heart of SXSW.

Theatrical Performance

Experience the energy of a live trading floor

as the market moves in real-time.

Digital Touch-Points

Interact with the exchange to easily learn

about the market and the Robinhood app.

Roth IPA

In-house bar featuring Austin favorites on-tap,

prices fluctuate in a “live market” fashion.

In-App Extension

Partnership w/ food and drink hotspots

 - Monitor prices and hotspots live      

- Buy at the most opportune moments

- Track your savings       

- After SXSW, transfer savings to account  to start investing

- Lines are constantly monitored      

- Short lines = $      

- Long lines = $$$$$      

- Quick-pickup if purchased using app

Custom Codes

Speedy Service

Special signs indicating fast pickup for F&B 500 users quickly converts non-users.

Scannable codes created in-app to allow for self-pickup.


Amanda Winch

Vanessa Bittante