Use  Twitter  to  drive  consideration of Perrier as the go-to alternative to alcohol during the hard month of Dry January.


Perrier  knew  that Dry January is,  well, dry. That's why all of January, we decided to #MakeDryFly. For thirty one days, we were  all  over Twitter,  serving up some seriously hydrating motivation  (and  a  few tongue-in-cheek responses) to those that needed it most.

It's Just a Trend

The campaign launched

with a promoted Twitter trend,

complete with its own custom

iconic Perrier bottle emoji.

We Love You, Too

A  "💚 to Remind" series was utilized,

allowing followers to like our tweets

for a special message on January 17th,

the day most people give up Dry January.

It's   All Fun & Games

When  creating  a  campaign  aimed  at keeping   people   on   the   right   track  during  an  otherwise  not-so-fun  time,

we found it best to insert a little humor.

The People Have Spoken

Here's a small selection of tweets

we received throughout the month.

Based on these, we certainly feel like

we succeeded in making dry fly.


Ryan Blank

Jesselle Valdes

Debbie Yoo

Kristin Mizushima

Andy Mendes