Find an innovative way to attract visitors to MoMA.


From deep-machine learning to NFC, we’ll use technology resurrect artists’, allowing visitors

to have a conversation with their long-gone favorites.

We’ll call it “Artist’s Notes.”

Text me, maybe

Using NFC technology, a simple tap of the phone

on the OOH launches a conversation with iconic artists.

Dalí messenger bot

Come one, come all

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with a

message from the artist, providing all new ways to discover the museum.

Dalí Chatbot

Welcome home

The  artist's themselves can serve as guides,

taking visitors through a range of exhibitions 

on the various museum floors.

Artist's pallet

The  artists  direct  hungry patrons to

the café, offering specials not usually

available on the  everyday  menu.

Surprise, surprise

Limited-edition gifts await those who   choose to check out the out-of-place 

“gift shop” option.

Front and center

Visitors who've yet to communicate with

an artist can do so with in-house NFC ,

placed beside various pieces.


Mikel Mon