/ted-wərd/ /kristō-do͞o-lidis/


Originally found in Switzerland, the rare Bearded Tedward is now native to the streets of New York City. Although originally observed in a traditional writing environment, the Bearded Tedward has been known to throw together some pretty tight design and photography. In most cases, the Bearded Tedward has been found hunting authentic empanadas, kicking back to some slick jams (bangers for days), or, more recently, observed taking a deep dive into the financial markets.

In a poll of eight people, five called me "talkative."

For once, I'm not sure what to say about that.

Favorite film: Threat Level Midnight

Dream superpower: Speak every language

Passports: 2

Countries traveled: 12

Countries resided: 5

Languages spoken: 3

Books read (past yr.): 11.3

Spotify listening (1 yr. avg.): 74,550 min.

Empanadas eaten (past yr.): 101